Turning Back to Edgars Creek


Turning Back to Edgars Creek is a postal exhibition presented by Ziebell's Farmhouse Museum and Heritage Garden. It celebrates the history of Edgars Creek and its connection to the local community in Thomastown and Lalor. It is being distributed to over 16,000 local residents in May 2021. It is also available to download.


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Ziebell's Farmhouse Museum

Ziebell's Farmhouse Museum and Heritage Garden is your local museum that tells the story of the establishment of Westgarthtown in the 1850s, now modern-day Thomastown and Lalor. With the earliest buildings in the area and a stunning heritage garden, it is well worth visiting.

The museum is open every Tuesday and Sunday. Bring your copy of the exhibition booklet for free entry for up to two adults and three children. Offer expires August 29, 2021. No extensions are possible. Excludes Garden Horticulturalist Tours. COVID-19 conditions of entry apply. Click the link below for opening hours & further information.


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