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Westgarthtown Heritage Walk
[PDF, 648 KB]


Ziebell Garden Guide Supplement [PDF, 122 KB]


Enquiries: (03) 9464 5062



Museum & garden open

Tuesdays 11.30 am–2.00 pm
Sundays  11.30 am–3.00 pm

For your safety COVID-19 conditions of entry are in place.


Book entry tickets



For the museum and garden, there are pre-booked (max. 4 people) 45 minute time slots. For the garden only, there are pre-booked (max. 6 people) 45 minute time slots.


Physical distancing, registration, masks and other guidelines will be required for entry.

Book using the button above. If it is a last-minute visit call 0418 552 557 to enquire if there are bookings available.


Admission charges

Adults $3.00
Children 50c


Open Day Enquiries: (03) 9464 1805

General & Tour Enquiries: (03) 9464 5062

Location: 100 Gardenia Road, Thomastown (Melway 8 H5)

More information: Read about Ziebell's Farmhouse here.






Monthly Horticulturalist Tours



The garden’s professional horticulturalist has tended Ziebell’s Farmhouse garden for nine years. From her extensive experience, she has created a talk and tour about the geology, plants and the history of this heritage listed cottage garden. Christine has also drawn on the knowledge of descendants, especially Sylvia Schultz, who tended the garden for over 80 years and with whom Christine worked for several years. Younger descendants still volunteer to tend the garden and, in doing so, maintain the continuous commitment to the garden by Christian and Sophia Ziebell and their descendants from the 1850’s to the present day.



Book garden tour



Garden tours with Ziebell's horticulturalist happen at 1pm on the first Wednesday of each of month. Bookings via the link above are essential one week prior. A minimum of 6 people are required for the tour to proceed. Please note, the tour will be cancelled if the minimum number is not reached. Cost is $10per person. The museum will be open if you want to explore it as well.




Tours of Westgarthtown


Each year thousands of visitors from Melbourne and beyond, experience the wonder of Westgarthtown. Visitors generally start with a guided tour of the Thomastown Pioneer Precinct conducted by the Friends of Westgarthtown.


These guided discovery tours, which include Ziebell's farmhouse, the Thomastown Lutheran church and the nearby Westgarthtown cemetery, introduce visitors to 19th century German immigration and settlement in Australia, the Lutheran Church and German/Australian architecture and culture. Extended heritage tours are also available.


Groups which have visited Westgarthtown include Probus and Rotary clubs, historical societies, U3As, church groups, walking clubs and primary and secondary schools. German language trails also enable students to immerse themselves in a live German/Australian learning experience.



Tours available: Monday to Friday (by appointment only).

Price: Adults $5.00, Schoolchildren $3.00 (per person)

Morning or afternoon tea: Add $2.50 (per person)

Telephone: (03) 9464 5062

Email: tours@westgarthtown.org.au


Minimum of 10 people required. A cancellation fee of $50 applies to bookings cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.



Self Guided Tours


Westgarthtown Heritage WalkWhile visiting Ziebell's Farmhouse, why not take a self guided walking tour of the Lutheran reserve and other historical sites of Westgarthtown? Our four page downloadable guide contains maps showing you how to get there, the recommended walking route and the location of each site. It also contains background historical information and interesting information about each site.


- Download Westgarthtown Heritage Walk [PDF, 648 KB]







Visit Westgarthtown during one of our special events and celebration. For more information on news and upcoming events, click here.



Private Functions


Unfortunately Ziebell's Farmhouse cannot be made available for private functions.


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